• Austin 10 Litchfield Registration number RC3234 Hello all, this is a long shot. I am looking for a car that was owned by my uncle in Derby. His farther had it new and uncle John kept it for many years and as children my brother & sisters well remem...MORE
  • Windscreen Replacement I have a 35 Lichfield with the squared off windscreen frame. I want to replace the glass. RH insurance recommends a national windscreen replacement company. Do they really replace glass on 1930's Cl...MORE
  • Sale of my Austin 10 cambridge Would anyone know the best place to sell my car ? Thankyou
  • Austin 14 - BBL 303 Reluctantly sold this in 1973. Where is it now?
  • Intermittent running - fuel line? I have recently acquired a 1938 Cambridge. Running it today, it cut out. Trying to restart it resulted in some firing and running for periods of a few seconds, but eventually I had to give up and pu...MORE
  • Austin New Ascot Does anyone have or know where to get a set of prop shaft bolts for said 1938 new Ascot please.
  • Austin 10 Tourer CLM 849 Where's it now?
  • regarding austin 12 tourer reg no rn4435 in the late 1970s my dad owned for a few years a Austin 12/4 tourer which was brown reg number rn4435 .I have searched the mot database and car was last motd back in 2012 .the car was last motd in Not...MORE
  • Austin ten 1935 instrument panel complete removel I need help remove the hole of the panel with instruments to replace ignition switchP2t
  • Colwyn Engine? Hi all Tenners As I might of said in a previous post I have 3 engines to go with my 35 Colwyn restoration. The engine I think that goes with it and the one that looks in the best condition is 1G 3025...MORE

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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