• 34 10/4 steering drop arm I have 1934 Colwyn, the steering wheel has about 5/8Ē free play rotation on the straight ahead position, am I correct in thinking, remove the drop arm, rotate the steering wheel 180deg, refit the dro...MORE
  • Headlining Can anyone tell me what kind of material was used for headlining on 1934 Austins? Vinyl,Cloth, Felt ? I am restoring a Kempton and have no original linings.
  • Fuel Pump 1932 Austin10 My original mechanical fuel pump was disconnected when I purchased the car a couple of years ago. It has an electric SU pump fitted. Problem is that it is unreliable and sometimes it wil...MORE
  • Austin 10 body part fabrication Hi I'm helping a friend (he has a paint shop) by fabricating new parts for a two door Austin 10, I've made new main body rails etc so far but due to a previous 'repair' in the case of the (thicker she...MORE
  • Austin 10/4 1932 Literature Hi All, i have recently inherited my Grandads 1932 Austin 10/4 saloon. MV6008. This is an incredible car with log book/service history for its entire life. 33,000 miles on the clock and a wonderful 2...MORE
  • Austin 10 Flywheel Housing Hello all, I'm in the fortunate position of having my fathers Austin 10 (I believe 1934) in the garage. It's been dormant with a seized engine for the past 30 years but has recently been given a new...MORE
  • Austin 18/6 1938 Does anyone know the owner and present whereabouts of a green 1938 18/6 registration RSK 816 previously listed in the December 2017 membership list as belonging to a Mr Paul Gasson member 9427 then li...MORE
  • Distributor Hi can any please tell me the original distributor fitted to the Austin 10 Cambridge 1938 model so I can verify the dizzy fitted is the correct one kind regards Norman
  • 10/4 Engine rebuild Hello all My late father fully restored a 10/4 around 15 years ago, he was a member of the 10/4 DC and took it to many shows etc, it even won a few prizes. Hence how I've ended up here. Its not run...MORE
  • Looking for an Austin 10 I am looking to buy a well looked after Austin 10 and thought this would be the best place to look. Not too fussy on colour etc but aiming to spend £5-6k. It is a gift for my dadís 60th so looking for...MORE

The Austin Ten Drivers Club – or ATDC for short – caters for those who enjoy Austin Ten motor cars of 1932-1939 and larger Austins 12-28hp of 1931-1939.

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